We need your recipes!

It is time to start planning for Wayne County Relay for Life!  This year we are excited to announce our first ever HCPFCU cookbook written entirely by HCPFCU staff and members!  That’s you!   We plan to collect recipes and print a cookbook that will be sold to raise funds for Relay for Life.
Why should I submit a recipe?  Who will this help? 
Your recipe will help Team HCPFCU meet their goal of raising $5000.00 for Wayne County Relay for Life
Why do we need members to participate? 
We want to get as much variety as possible for the cookbook so that they will sell well and we can raise money.  We want to recognize our members who are fighting cancer, or survived cancer, or in memory, honor or support of their loved ones who may have lost their battle, still  fighting or survived their battle.
Whats the deadline to submit? 
Friday, November 29, 2013
How can I submit? 
Use the form here  or see either branch.
How much will you sell the books for? 
 $8 –  they will be ready in early January. 
How will the money be use? 
All proceeds go to Wayne County Relay for Life
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2 Responses to We need your recipes!

  1. pat oakley says:

    Can you tell me if the Recipe books were ever published? I signed up for 2 and haven’t
    heard/seen anything. Thanks,Pat

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