Are you willing to pay on a credit card for 40 YEARS?

Did you know that paying the minimum on a high interest credit card could take 40 YEARS?  (18%APR, $5,000 Balance, $15 monthly)

Come get a check-up: At Health Care Professionals Federal Credit Union – we want to help.  We are offering Financial Check ups to any member (in fact, we deposit $10 in your savings account if you come and get one).  Not a member?  If you or a family member work in health care – you are eligible.

Who’s running the check-up? Darlene Callahan, VP Lending and Todd Dooley, VP Operations and Compliance.  Both have over 20 years experience with our credit union.

When and how long will it take?:  Please allow 20 minutes for a review and guidance.   If you want a specific appointment, please call Darlene at 765-962-3172.    We also have three special days set up during Member Appreciation Days April 20-22 (Richmond branch) and April 21-22 (Connersville branch).  No Appointment needed during these three days.  Please note:  You can come anytime – although the $10 incentive is only valid during April.

What can I expect?:  We have developed a simple list of questions.  We may be able to find you better loan rates, credit card rates etc.  We will also offer advice on how to:

  • Pay off your debt
  • Set a weekly or monthly budget
  • Improve your credit
  • Create an emergency savings fund

Please join us.  If you have ever wanted wise confidential advise – this is the time!

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