6 Vacation Tips

6 Vacation tips

By Renee Burns, Member Services Rep, ReneeB@hcpfcu.org

  1. As of April 1, 2011 we no longer sell Traveler’s Cheques.
  2. International Clearance: For your account safety, normal security policy blocks your debit card for all International Purchases. If you are leaving the country, let us know when and where in advance so we can approve those purchases for you.
  3. Going out of town? Make sure we have your up to date contact info including your cell phone number. If there is a question on your account, quick contact could be important.  Call us if you have had any changes. 765-962-3172
  4. Using your debit card at the pump? Many gas stations will preauthorize or “hold” $50 – $75. These holds can be up to 48 hours no matter how much you actually pump. Want to avoid that? Pre-Pay inside before you pump.
  5. Thinking about a personal loan for travel? Call Jana @ 765-962-3172 or apply online at http://www.hcpfcu.org
  6. Want to get ready for next year? We also have Vacation club accounts. Just step into the office. $1 and the required signatures will get that started.

About CoryRoss

I'm Cory Ross and I am the Community Relations Specialist at HCPFCU. I'm here to help you UNbank!!!!!!!
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