Meet our Super Savers Frankie and Penny

Earlier this year we asked our youth members to name our new Super Saver mascots.  Here is a run down of the entries and how we chose the winning names – Frankie and Penny!

After accounting for the entries we asked the staff to vote on their favorites to get the final winner.  The winning entries were given $50 prizes for their savings accounts (two winners chosen).

BOY NAME entries:

  • Buck Dollar
  • Bill Saver
  • Super Saving Manny
  • Wonder Boy
  • Boy
  • Mighty Michael
  • Williamnator
  • Gee Money
  • Lewis
  • 99.083.89
  • Sammy
  • Franklin Finance (winner – we adjusted to Frankie Finance for short)
  • Bucky Savor

GIRL NAME Entries:

  • Dolly Dollar
  • Penny Saver (Winner for girls name!)
  • Penny Pincher
  • Super Saver Mandy
  • Wonder Girl
  • Girl
  • Mighty Mikayla
  • Sara Girl
  • Moe Money
  • Sally
  • 100.938.23
  • Samantha
  • Isabella Investor
  • Nicole Saver

Thanks to all our youth members who participated.  Frankie and Penny are grateful to have official names!

About Super Savers:  Super Savers Kids Club is a special savings account for kids 12 and under.  Kids are eligible if they have an immediate family member that is a member if HCFPCU.   Accounts require a $5 deposit to open.  The program is designed to encourage, reward and educate youth about the importance of saving and basic money matters.  Fore more info visit either branch or call or email me Cory Ross 765-962-3172.


About CoryRoss

I'm Cory Ross and I am the Community Relations Specialist at HCPFCU. I'm here to help you UNbank!!!!!!!
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