6 Things about HCPFCU that I LOVE!

1.  Down to earth people- I love coming to work everyday with people who really want to know if I had a good weekend.

2.  I dont have to wear a TIE!  I love coming to work without having to be big and bad in a tie or suit to that matter, I mean is it the tie that really gets people in here or is it the personality of the CU.

3.  ME being ME.  You ever work somewhere where you can just be yourself, even if it is being goofy?  Well I like to have fun at work and be who I am.  I might be a little different but who said I was normal.  What is normal???  NOT ME

4.  Leaving work not stressed.  Being able to leave work everyday not having a headache is our main ingredient.  I might be stressing everyone else out but I’m sure the heck not.

5.  Being Creative.  Coming to work and thinking of new ways to make members happy and excited to be here is great, especially when you see that smile on their face.

6.  Freedom.  They allow me to go out in the community and volunteer at different community events.  Which I love getting out and helping.  This is totally the best part of my job.



About CoryRoss

I'm Cory Ross and I am the Community Relations Specialist at HCPFCU. I'm here to help you UNbank!!!!!!!
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One Response to 6 Things about HCPFCU that I LOVE!

  1. Great post Cory. You can really tell you love your job!

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